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The 1st of December, 2003, marked the start of independence for brand on fire founder Matthias Wirges, in the kitchen of his flat. After just one week, he won the pitch for a spirits producer. In 2004, the business partnership became a fully grown company and the company name was trademarked. The first client to engage in a continuous partnership with brand on fire was Danone UK (thanks for trusting us!) in 2004. After countless long nights and weekend shifts, the foundation for a broad customer base was laid.

Today, brand on fire is a well-known name in the huge and confusing agency landscape, and it is a trusted long-time partner of many high-class companies. With the relocation from Rhine-Main (Idstein) to Hamburg in summer 2013, a new era started for brand on fire. The integration of K.horns GmbH in May 2014 into the agency group provided a huge service boost for our clients. The future is on fire.

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